exploring ways for design to reframe and reshape agricultural landscapes.


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exploring ways for design to reframe and reshape agricultural landscapes.

Drainwater Recycling

OSU Long-term Regenerative Agricultural Farming Project

Vinayak Shedekar, Tim Rehner, Forbes Lipschitz, Rick Wilson

Student Researcher
Yurika Yamada

The OSU Long-term Regenerative Agricultural Farming (LRAF) project seeks to successfully establish a demonstration farm committed to regenerative farming practices and providing research and educational opportunities to students, faculty, and community. The objectives of LRAF are (1) improving soil health, water quality, and insect biodiversity; (2) promoting carbon sequestration; (3) reducing the use of chemical and mechanical inputs for crop production; and (4) maximizing the profitability of the farm while maintaining and promoting environmental stewardship.

As part of the LARF campus, the Drainwater recycling project addresses the need to consider the climate resiliency of agricultural systems by increasing the ability of the farm to store water from precipitation events (which are anticipated to become more frequent and intense), and to store and later use this water during subsequent projected periods of dry weather. This is anticipated to provide both an environmental benefit in the form of reduced discharge of water and nutrients (loading to streams) and an agricultural benefit of providing supplemental water for crops during drought and dry periods.     

“Water management solutions for a long-term regenerative agriculture farming project at the Ohio State University Lima Campus” Ohio State Sustainability Fund. $155,000. April 2023-April 2024 PI: Vinayak Shedekar Co-PI(s): Tim Rehner, Kameswarrao Casukhela, and Forbes Lipschitz.

“Ohio Agricultural Retention Treatment Systems (OSU-Lima Branch Campus Agricultural Runoff Treatment System Project)” Ohio EPA Nonpoint Source Program Grant Application. August 2022-December 2024 $650,000. PI: Vinayak Shedakar. CO-PI(s): Tim Rehner and Forbes Lipschitz.