Bringing a self-sustaining Delta into being over the next century.

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Project: Winning Entry, Changing Course Competition, Louisiana State University Coastal Sustainability Studio

Team: Moffatt & Nichol, West 8, LSU-CSS, Deltares, RAND, Ioannis Georgiou, Headland & Associates

Tradeoffs in complex systems of large landscape require a systems analysis of interacting natural and social infrastructure that involves the flows of water, energy, materials, and money. This analysis establishes values that appropriately steer management and planning options related to present and future risks. These risks can be to both natural and social systems and are usually determined by costs and benefits. The problem has always been that non-market values of natural systems, particularly those in large dynamic landscapes such as coastal deltas, are not realized until some major disturbance makes us aware of the true long-term cumulative impacts.

Our Team uses this systems analysis to link multiple-purpose needs of the diverse services and stakeholders that a large river system and coastal network provides. We developed three layered framework approaches, for Ecosystem, Economy, and Community. Each has respective primary goals and objectives, and through the overlay and cross-referencing of the three, we arrived at our final framework proposal, The Giving Delta.