Firm: dlandstudio, architecture + landscape architecture, pllc

Project Manager: Forbes Lipschitz

Press: Featured in Metropolis Magazine


Taking into account rapid polar ice cap melt, scientists predict a two meter sea level rise by 2100 with storm surges in some areas up to six meters. “Come High Water: An Ecological Model for Managing Global Sea Level Rise” examines five cities around the world, of either regional or global importance, that will be greatly affected by this change: Miami, USA; Shanghai, China; Karachi, Pakistan; New York City, USA; and Cairo, Egypt. Rising sea level promises population displacement and the upset of economic, ecological, and agricultural systems. Traditional hard-edged engineered solutions have proven themselves to be flawed due to their inability to adapt. A holistic approach of uniting coastal ecologies and urban infrastructure provides a more resilient solution.

dlandstudio’s research works to identify how natural ecological such as mangrove forests and tidal wetlands, systems that have evolved over millions of years as natural protectors of coastlines, can be adapted to create engineered systems to serve the same purpose. Abstracting the essence of natural systems into engineered solutions is the best way to combat the environmental challenges that face us over the next 100 years.

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