Sustainable secret to knee-high corn and gardens galore: human waste-based compost

“Privy 2: Biosolids and You” considers history of human waste as an agricultural resource article by Dana HilfingerOhio State News Read full article here

Ohio State Launches $2 Million Food System Project

Forbes Lipschitz is on a the research team for a sustainable food system project funded by the Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research

Expanding the Field: Virtual Fencing as Responsive Landscape Technology

Research on the design potential of virtual cattle fencing has been published in Volume 4 Issue 1 of the PLAN Journal.

Rural Transformations Co-Op

Forbes Lipschitz was recently awarded a Linkage and Leverage Grant from The Ohio State University for her proposal “Rural Transformations Co-Op: Identifying Strategies for Landscape Architectural Engagement with Climate Smart Agriculture.”

Catch of the Day

The design research project, On the Pond: The Landscape of Catfish Farming in the Delta is featured in Landscape Architecture Magazine

Rise of the Drones: Emerging Technologies in Design and Planning

Enabled by aerial-perspective data collection, such as high-detail imagery and sensor-specific mapping, research and design efforts across the Knowlton School’s three disciplines are just beginning to harness new flight-bound technology.